Meet Siberians

The History of the Breed

It is difficult to track the history of the origin of Siberian cats. This is a very old natural breed. These large and powerful pets have been known in Russia for many centuries. Perhaps they are genetically related to the Norwegian Forest Cats, which are also perfectly adapted to the cold climate of Northern Europe. These Siberian giants participated in the very first cat shows held in the 70s of the XIX century. Thanks to Siberians health, character, and habits, both breeders and ordinary people fell in love with this breed. In the late 80-s of XX century Siberian cats were moved  to various countries in Europe and the United States.  In 1996 Siberian Cats were officially recognized by international organizations as FIFe and TICA

Meet Siberians

About the Breed

Siberian cats can be from medium to large size. The female weight is from 6 to 12 lbs , but the male’s weight can reach up to 20 lbs. In spite of such a large size and weight, Siberian cats are very mobile and active. They are smart, playful and very affectionate; get well with other cats, dogs and children and love to participate in family activities. They like and need  human attention, but do not like to be petted or picked up by strangers. 

By the way, what we like in their look is woolen «jabot» on the neck and «pants» and rear legs. Why? Even native wild breed wants to be fashionable and stay in trend.

Meet Siberians

Care and Food

The main in the Siberian cat’s care is the need to brush it regularly, so  the coat does not cling and retains its beauty. The grooming is especially important  during shedding periods.

Please remember, your cat is predator. So,  to maintain the health of your Siberian you need correct and balanced diet. If you have planned to feed your pet mass-produced food, you should learn a simple rule: you cannot save on the pet food. It can cause severe liver and more serous diseases.

We pay close attention to the health of our lovely Siberians and use three types of food:
— natural organic products (raw and heat treated)
— Premium Class and holistic canned food
— Premium Class dry food

We become friends with new Moms and Dads of our kittens. And you can always ask us questions about food sources and care for your little buddy.

Meet Siberians

Siberian Kitten for you

Siberian kittens are excellent breed type, with strong bone, good health, smart, and a shiny fluffy coat.

Our cats are not just Pets, they are full members of the family, and grow up surrounded by love and care. We would like the same life for our furry children. Therefore, the kittens leave the cattery only after 12 weeks, it is necessary for kittens to grow strong, socially adapted, potty and scratcher trained. Also it can be not so painful to move to the new family

In our cattery you can buy a Siberian kitten, healthy, large, beautiful, fun and active. Siberian kittens will become your true friends! 

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Meet Siberians